In the modern world, English is crucial in everybody life. That too in the country like India, English never failed to act as the communication medium. In India, different region people speak different languages, whenever someone moves out of the native state to another state for general purposes like education or work, they will know about the role of English.Let us know see some importance of English.

The role of English in the different sector:

English is playing a crucial role in the various field of medicine, engineering, research and also in education. And most of the research and scientific based books were written in English. And research results from countries like Germany, France reach other countries through the medium called English.

Develops the Nation:

English is essential for the developing the country. It is not that only through English we can improve the nation, English is required to prove ones power in worldwide.

In Education:

In Schools, College of India, we always cannot be sure that only particular state children will be learning there may be another state region who have come all the way for their education. To make them better understand the subject, English is used.

Helps in aboard:

English is a communication language. When someone steps out of their country and not aware of the language which is being spoken in abroad where he/she is going, for them English is the strongest medium of communication.

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