How RoKu works

To start with setting up, Plug in the Roku device and Roku TV using HDMI cables to connect to TV. Then, connect Roku devices to internet and create a Roku account in order to stream the content. The preferred internet options are either wireless connection or a model with Ethernet connector.

How to activate

To activate, set up a Roku account with a valid email address associated with Roku to receive important notifications and chose a strong, secure password for your account. Roku account stores your installed channels along with other preferences and settings. You may also visit for Roku Activate online or you may also visit our other website

How to download

Roku works by downloading content from internet to watch on your TV. Download apps or channels from Channel store by clicking Home menu, scrolling down to “Streaming channels”, click “OK” from your remote. Choose from numerous available options or make use of “Search Channels”. Once selected, click on the channel using arrow keys on remote and install the particular channel.

How to sign-in Roku account

To start with streaming, get linked to your account. You will be asked to create one, if you do not have one. A Roku account can also be created before you activate your Roku device at Sign-in at, by using your email and password. You will be required to choose any payment options e.g. Credit Card for channel store’s purchases, rentals or subscriptions.

Roku Support

Pre &Post purchase guide

Working user guide

Aid in managing accounts

Set-up troubleshooting