A risk factor is something which induces the probability of developing a condition or disease. The following factors are connected to a higher risk of developing back pain Hollywood:

  • A physically stressful job
  • Pregnant women are more likely to have backside pain
  • An inactive or sitting lifestyle
  • Age; this is the most common factor as older or adults are more prone than youngsters or children
  • Worry
  • Depression
  • Gender; back pain can be seen more among females than males
  • Stoutness and overweight
  • Smoking
  • Hard physical exercise (especially if not done properly)
  • Hard physical work.
  • Every day late sitting activities or poor posture- Back pain can also be the result of some everyday activity or poor posture as,
  1. Bending uneasily
  2. Pushing something
  3. Pulling something
  4. Carrying something
  5. Lifting something
  6. Standing for long periods
  7. Bending down for long periods
  8. Twisting
  9. Coughing
  10. Sneezing
  11. Muscle tension
  12. Over-stretching
  13. Straining the neck forward, such as when driving or using a computer
  14. Long driving sessions without a break, even when not hooked

There are some other causes or factors of back pain as follows;

  • If the person has a high body temperature (fever) as well as a gentle warm temperate on the back, it could be the reason of an infection of the spine.
  • Other infections like pelvic inflammatory disease found mainly in females, bladder, or kidney infections may also lead to back pain.
  • Lack of sleep; As compared to others people with sleep disorders are more likely to experience rear pain.
  • Bad mattress; if a mattress doesn’t support specific part of the body and keep the spine straight, there is a huge risk of developing back pain.
  • An infection (Shingles) can affect the nerves may also lead to back pain, depending on the nerves affected.
  • Cauda equine syndrome; the cauda equine is a bunch of spinal nerve roots that arise from the lower end of the spinal cord. Patients with cauda equine syndrome feel twinge in the lower back and upper butt, as well as lack of feeling in the butts, genitals and thighs.

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