Imagine you are confined to your living room couch. You are unable to stand on your own two feet.  Sitting is impossible and walking excruciating. Your pelvis is broken. Life on your couch is where you will be stationed for a long time. You have songs in your head and at your fingertips, and you find that focusing on these songs help you pass the time.  This is exactly what happened to Sherri Anne of Sister Speak. The songs that were floating around were not about the pain she was experiencing in her body, they were about the love she was feeling in her heart—songs that would eventually become the band’s debut album Rise Up For Love.

The effort contains ten songs that showcase Sherri Anne’s attractive voice. Sherri leads the band Sister Speak that include members Lisa Viegas (Drums), Tolan Shaw (Electric Guitar), and Jacob “Chubby” Miranda (Bass). The quartet caught the attention of Grammy Award winning engineer Alan Sanderson, who invited them to his studio to record Rise Up For Love after having heard them live at the Belly Up in San Diego.

The opening track “Chicago Dream” shows off the skilled musicianship of all the members, especially the bass and drums, as they deliver their alluring slice of Americana. And the tracks that follow imbue the listener with the lovely vocals of Sherri as she sings tenderly about love in “Goodbye My Lover” and “Lady Love.” On the title track “Rise Up For Love,” Sherri sagaciously and poetically sings about her season of greatness. Albeit, the next track “Mountain Song” has her trekking through landscapes where she hears the call of her name with a message conveying she needs to trek patiently.

Sherri Anne’s impetus for these ten songs oddly came out of her stillness, but there is a journey in her songs. And, in a slightly mysterious way, the love theme that expresses the universal hope to heal suggests that a friend will be there at the journey’s end.