Google Glass wasn’t even mentioned at Google’s I/O conference this year and surely that’s a sign that Google Glass is dead, perhaps?

Gfk recently conducted a survey in the UK, asking 1600 people to access demand for wearable technology such as Google Glass, and smartwatches like Nike Fuelband, Sony Smartwatch and Samsung Galaxy Gear.

The study shows that people are indeed more interested in smartwatches like the Samsung’s Galaxy Gear or the upcoming Apple iWatch, than the Google Glass. However, the cost is still too high to appeal to people.

It seems that the target market for wearable technology would be more consumers between the 16 to 24 age range in which 60% of the consumers found smartwatches appealing. However, that dropped by half when they found out how much wearable technology costs.

According to a research, 49% of Americans find that wearable technology is just a fad. One of the issues with Google is that the majority of people do not like to wear glasses. What’s more, the design of Google Glass isn’t a fashion piece where one could wear it, just to show off.

However, a lot of professionals such as doctors, said that they like Google Glass because they can keep their hands free.

Google Glass costs $1500 but a smartwatch like the Samsung Galaxy Gear costs about $199. The smartwatch can also store more apps and have a better battery life than the Glass.

Sure, it’s far too early to declare that Google Glass is dead. However, the eye-wear isn’t widely available nor has it been marketed to the masses.

This may change later this year when Google is expected to launch the Glass officially to consumers. There is also an expectation that there will be a price drop in Google Glass

US and UK cinemas recently banned Google Glass over piracy fears.

By the way, a Google Glass executive was recently left to die on a yacht after he was allegedly injected with heroin by a prostitute.