Choose from various day activities for your Riga Stag Party Weekend, Hen Night, Birthday Celebration, Corporate Party for the event in Latvia. Riga’s premiere Ice Hockey team are a class act on the ice, and Riga Stag Do the locals love to head down to Arena Riga on a match day to enjoy some of the best hockey in the country while cheering on the home side with the same kind of passionate energy found in England’s best football grounds.

The Clubs In Riga were wicked and we couldn’t have asked for a better stag do for our mate procter(who is now missing an eyebrow).The Hotel if you can call it a hotel (more like a strip club with bedrooms) was the best thing since sliced bread, cold beer etc.

Riga’s nightlife is somewhat different to usual nightlife in very large cities – it is more intimate and friendly, is not overwhelmed by too many tourists and has this personal feel to it – difficult to describe, as you have to experience it – having a party in a new vibrant place you never been to, yet feeling comfortably home away from home. Our whole area contains such facilities as a spacious sauna with a refreshing swimming pool, several cool bars, a big dancing area Riga Nightlife with the best sound system (perfect for crazy private sauna parties), a pool table, several lounges, twin rooms, party bedrooms and many other extras. Once popular with international businessmen travelling to Riga in 1990s when there really weren’t many alternatives for tourists and other non-locals, has become Stag Do Riga a popular place to catch a game of football and grab yourself some curry (they are well aware of what’s the most popular dish right now in the British Isles) in a traditional pub setting. For more information, please visit our site