When fighting an intense battle, one should view oneself as the archer following the path of skilled archers who have come before. Now imagine the target is cancer. Nothing can be more dangerous and difficult for the archer than to place itself at the head of the new order and destroy it. For cancer benefits itself. The archer must attack like an armed prophet in revolt where no fear can survive.

This is what the new song “Revolt’ by The Unraveling is about—the battle with invading cells.  Lead singer Steve Moore found himself needing to hone his skills as the archer after being diagnosed with cancer in 2011. Moore explains: “The lyrics to “Revolt” convey a rejection of the false and a need for inner change. This is an inner revolt that we are talking about.”

Yet one cannot ignore that the track speaks about a cancer beyond body—a universal cancer. The industrial heavy metal sound produced by Gustavo de Beauville indicates there is a larger battle going on. The bombardment of metal/progressive sounds places the track in an aggressive mood that is in synch with the noise of war.  Although the lyrics have a spiritual investment, the lines are dark and angry. And the delivery leans more on the side of spoken poetry rather than song.

Darker energy feeds on itself producing even darker forces hence the cinematic build-up played out on “Revolt.” But, the chorus doesn’t echo the sentiment because it’s too muzzled to appreciate, and the vocal rhythms could have been a bit varied. All in all the musical arrangement is what makes “Revolt” hit the target.


 You can listen to “Revolt” by The Unraveling HERE.