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How Wendy Williams is associated with Resident Magazine

Wendy Williams Hunter is an American Television host as well as actor and fashion designer and former radio personality who host the nationally syndicated talk show on television called the Wendy Williams show. She is one of the most popular female hosts of the show and the TV series as well. She is an important personality who is also highlighted in the Resident magazine. Inputs and Instances from her talk show are also showcased and displayed in the magazine. The April 2017 issue of the Resident Magazine features Wendy Williams on the cover page. The magazine celebrates various excerpts from Wendy Williams, talks about her life, her shows and her talk shows as well. Wendy Williams was also known to attend the resident magazine celebration at Lovage on 12th April 2017 in New York City. The magazine was published on 28th, 2017.

Sam Childers and Resident Magazine

Sam Childers who was born in 1963 is a former Outlaws member who has dedicated his life and all his energy in rescuing children in the war zone of South Sudan. They are the founders and the operators of Angels in East Africa, which is a children’s orphanage in South Sudan, where they have more than 300 children under their supervision and care. The organization has been operating for almost a decade and it has saved the lives of children from all over the country.

The additional sponsors for the show was Long Island Sports Cars, Gateway Xpo, Notorious Pink, Camus, Central Park South dental, La Guardians and Camus. The magazine was published on the 28th Oct, 2016.

Resident magazine has thus portrayed various models and celebrities in its cover page for advertisement. You can get more information on the celebrities and their lifestyle and their personal lives if you order a copy of the magazine from their online store.

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