A few months back I noticed some changes in my personality. I felt low and sad a lot and no more enjoyed the company and activities that I loved before. I thought it to be simple depression due to some happenings in my personal life. I tried to involve myself in various activities but did not feel any better. Rather , the situation started worsening and I found myself extremely nervous and worrying a lot about very trivial things. I often felt a racing heart, sweating, lightheadedness and sometimes got shortness of breath and choking.

I decided to see my doctor who said that you are suffering from anxiety. Seriously, I didn’t believe it and thought that these are normal ups and downs as I was going through a difficult time. But a few more days passed and I realized that things are getting out of hand. My poor attentiveness, poor memory, lack of decision power and lethargic attitude was affecting my job , as well.

I discussed my problem with a some of friends . Some suggested to see psychiatrist, but I have seen a couple of friends who were on medication for treatment of anxiety and become dependent on sleeping pills and tranquillizers. Others recommended for complimentary and alternate therapies for managing anxiety like meditation, yoga, acupuncture, Reiki, etc. But I didn’t have time nor I had money to spend on such sessions.

Then one day while searching web to find some effective and economical way for treating anxiety, I came across with a few articles on Himalayan salt lamps, that are claimed to improve various health disorders, including anxiety.

I decided to try a Himalayan Salt Lamp as it was affordable and did not involve any time for use. I bought one from a local store and placed it on my bedside table. I liked the soothing and relaxing warm glow of natural Himalayan salt lamp .

After a few days I was feeling better and could notice that quality of air in my room has improved and it is feeling fresh and light. Now after a few weeks, I have get rid of all those negative feelings. I am feeling energetic, vitalized and have a better concentration and memory. My sleep has improved and I wake up very fresh and happy.

The health benefits that I have reaped from natural Himalayan salt lamp have indebted me to share the science and working of salt lamps with my peers facing anxiety and spending their hard earned money on prescribed medicines and other complimentary methods.

Basically positive ions are considered to cause problems like hypersensitivity, stress and insomnia. They cause an imbalance in our systems and raise stress and anxiety. Bacteria, molds and allergens all carry a positive charge and the positive ions are also constantly added to our surroundings by electronic devices like laptops, LCDs, microwaves, and other household gadgets. Nature creates negative ions to counter these positive ions . The negative ions increase the oxygen supply to the brain that creates alertness of mind and reduces lethargy and anxiety.

Our modern lifestyle is producing more positive ions than the naturally produced negative ions. We need to augment the negative ion production to help stay healthy, both physically and emotionally. This is very easily done by keeping salt lamps in our homes. The salt lamps work on the principle of hygroscopy. The bulb inside of the lamp heats the salt crystals. The mild heat of the lamp, evaporate the water and during the evaporation process the negative ions are formed to combat the positive ions by binding to them. The salt lamps liberate negative ions that help us relax and reduce insomnia by creating a peaceful environment for sleep.

Try salt lamp yourself to get benefits but keep in mind that it may take a few weeks or months to work.