Marble (Stone), like any natural stone, is not bullet-proof. It has gotten the image for being an imprudent kitchen counter material. However some of us don’t feel that as a clean white marble counters, stains or no stains, is the most beautiful design decision you can make. And they can’t be all bad? Even in different bakeries and cafes are using stones for years. It just requires a little research and preparation to ensure the safety of your countertops.

One thing that is very important to remember about stone is that it is more absorbent than other marbles. Make sure that anything you spill on the floor should immediately wipe up with a moist rag. It is very important to remember that after done with cleaning process make sure you dry the clean water, because even that will be absorbed by the marble.

Like many material, marble does not react well with citric acid. Keep the lemons, soda, etc. away from the counters and invest in some cutting boards. The acid will leave scratch marks that might look like dull spots on the surface of the counters. If the mark is not too deep, it can be removed with a scratch remover.

If your counter tops have already have stains, make a fomentation out of a paper towel, or anything similar to it, with the marble polish and let it settle on the stain to absorb it. Notably, keep it damp with plastic wrap.

Avoid using wax as it can yellow the white marble

In order to make marble counter tops easier to clean and less porous, use a marble sealer once you have cleaned down the surface with a spike brush and some Luke warm water in order to make sure that it is clean. You must have heard that imported marble sealers that most of the marble dealers sell can be very effective, because they are made for softer and more absorbent marble.

You can use a marble sealer with grind marble counter tops but not polished. It will simply settle down on the marble and dull the appearance

Don’t over-think about your counter tops as kitchen is the place to be used, lived in, and enjoyed. Don’t worry too much about imperfections.

Importantly sealing can help somewhat but over sealing can have an opposite effect on marble. You need to be very careful with stone if you want it to stay new and in great form. For more information related to Marble sealer contact, check out details mentioned on website. Let the expert do their job.