Hard times for the automotive industry continues. Suffice it to say that over the last six months of bankruptcy declared SsangYong, Saab and Chrysler, General Motors is also ready to do so. Bankruptcy, by the way, does not mean the end of the company, and points to its inability to cope with the financial obligations (to pay debts). At that time, companies should not just save, and significantly reduce costs. Even the great concerns not only freeze the ongoing projects and stop the development of new technologies, but had to withdraw from the production of the cult car models and even the entire car brand, leaving the line only the products that are most popular.

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BMW fastest again m5

It is no secret that the records are almost always set only to one instant to beat them. In our case, at stake was the title of the fastest in the world sedan, which has safely returned to its previous owner. Exactly one year ago mark of 340 km / h one mighty BMW, born in the depths of G-Power.

Since then, many applicants have tried to conquer that peak, but all proved successful production company Brabus. Its engineers are first launched into Earth orbit E-class, but for him and the C-Class with the ominous name of Black Arrow, who held the lead with the result of 365.7 km / h until recently. Scary present, but 300 km / h, this sedan has been gained through the 24.5 seconds after launch.

Renault will show a new race car ahead of schedule

Guide Renault has decided to postpone the presentation of new bolida in which pilots would serve the team in Formula 1 next season, at an earlier date. Initially the Renault R29 were present on 28 January at the French avtodrome Paul Ricard, but it is now known that this event will be held January 19 at avtodrome Algarve in Portugal. Following the presentation, the new machine debyutiruet on the same track. It should be noted that apart from Renault, with the timing of the presentation bolide in 2009 identified Toyota (15 January), McLaren (16 January), BMW Sauber (20 January) and Williams (27 February).