• Length in feet: 14’0 “≡ 426 cm
  • Width in inches: 25.0 “≡ 63.5 cm
  • Thickness: 5.9 “≡ 15.0 cm
  • Volume: 340 liters
  • Weight – 10.0kg – Version 2017 MSL – Manufacturer’s


-The RSS slats give lateral stiffness, they are easy to put on.

-Forward Flex Control (FFC) Carbon Rod, this system rigidife the nose (nose), it is more difficult to put but with a little drive, it (must) to return easily.

-The Dual Cylinder system of the Titan Pump pump, combined with the Hi Flo handle, allows easy inflation of the board.

– The carrying bag is now lined with aluminum to preserve the board from extreme temperatures.


I tested this board during 2 small outings in the upper lake of Lake Geneva (Villeneuve).

• Output in mouth … lake flat .. (ben yes … courageous but not reckless …)

For my 1st outing on a 14 ‘/ 25. 0 “, a few strokes of rowing to acclimatize me to the board and I launched on a chrono …

Villeneuve-Ile de Peilz and return … or 1.84 km in 13’07 or 8.4 km / h average (max 9.7 km / h) and while trying not to fall …

One immediately feels that the lateral reinforcements and the bar on the nose are effective. On the other hand do not hesitate to inflate to max (18 psi).

On the other hand, the shape of the tail (tail) requires a good sense of balance for the tail-turn

• Sunset session … flat lake (and yes, always ..)

Session in SUPerékip mode, the girls are in rigid 12’6 / 26 ” and 25 ” and departure direction Montreux from Villeneuve.

No timing for this release, but in 2-3 shots of paddles, I notice the différence in glide.

For the return, I take advantage of the waves of the CGN to test in DW. And what a surprise to surf so easily …

On the other hand, its width does not forgive much and the “plouf” is guaranteed …

In summary…

This board has the advantages of an inflatable and the efficiency of a rigid …

The inflation of the board with the Titan pump, the placement of the lateral reinforcements and the bar of the nose, is the warm up and the rise of the heart rate for a good session SUP

I still advise a person with a good level of SUP


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