While there might only be two months left of 2015, robotics continue to evolve. For many robotics enthusiasts, automation was just a fascinating dream two or three decades ago. Now robotics are becoming increasingly sophisticated and useful. Consider some of the most recent robotics developments in 2015 and how they could make a serious impact on how we do things.

Virtually You

One of the recent advances involves bringing a virtual version of yourself into the actual world. In essence, people can potentially have a computerized double. It brings using an iPad to a whole new level. Developed by Double Robotics, the familiar table is placed on a stalk with wheels that you can control with a browser app or smartphone. This makes it possible for your distant, computerized self to communicate with business associates across the country or classmates from high school. These automated, mini-me versions on wheels are referred to as telepresence robots and will bring a whole new meaning to videoconferencing. According to CNET, the current cost of the Double is about $2,500.

We Deliver

As drones got smaller, the buzz continued about using them for deliveries. While the actuality of drone deliveries might be years into the future, innovators are exploring the concept of using robots for deliveries. Spectrum reports Starship Techologies, a startup with offices in London, Estonia and Tallinn, recently announced an autonomous delivery robot. The intent is to have it do everything a delivery drone can do and more. The big difference is this robot will function from the ground rather than flying. At this point, it can carry the weight of about two grocery bags.

Robotics are handling everything from colony picking to surgical procedures. As researchers continue to explore the possibilities, it is likely we will see robotics in many more aspects of our daily lives.