Rachel Bilson has had quite a lot of success during her television career. The actress has been a part of a few Hollywood movies as well. As per Rachel Bilson biography, one of the top movies that the actress has been a part of was Jumper. This was an action packed sci-fi thriller that came out in 2009 and did very well at the box office. The movie had some great reviews from the audiences as well. Rachel Bilson featured as the Girlfriend Of The Protagonist of the movie and did well in her role. 

The fact is that Jumper was the only highly successful movie of the career of Rachel Bilson. She has been a part of a handful of other movies as well, but those have not had the same level of success as Jumper. The Last Kiss was another movie in which Rachel Bilson featured. This movie was released in 2006. It had total earnings of $11 million which is nowhere close to that of Jumper. The three other movies that featured Rachel Bilson in them were The To-Do List, Life Happens, and Waiting For Forever.

Rachel Bilson Biography shows that the actress has had way more success with her television career than her film career. She has been a part of many successful television shows. In 2016, she appeared in the show Drunk History. She was a part of one of the episodes of the show. She appeared in the series Hart of Dixie as well. Some other popular television shows in which Rachel Bilson has acted include Gossip Girl, How I Met Your Mother Chuck, That ’70s Show, The O.C, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 8 Simple Rules, and It’s True.

Rachel Bilson has some high profile television shows lined up for 2017 as well. The actress seems to be having a great time with her television career. However, things are not as smooth in the film career and she would have to do something extra ordinary in order to revive her film career and emerge as a leading actress in the film industry. For now, the highlight of Rachel Bilson biography is her television career and it seems likely that she would be recognized as a television star in the next few years.