When filing for a patent, you could either do it yourself, hire a patent agent or an attorney. To come up with the most capable attorney, make a list and make sure that you vetting each and every attorney on it. You can always file for a provisional patent if there are some details you need to handle first.

There are numerous Intellectual Property attorneys that you can work with when looking to patent your inventions. However, you should ensure that you find one who best suits you and your idea. Filing for a patent can be ugly business, and you need an attorney who will be able to help you navigate through safely. Most Fort Worth Patent attorneys have had their share of filing for patents and you can find one with the qualifications that you are looking for. Other than their law qualifications, there are other things that you should be looking for in a potential Patent Attorney Fort Worth. The following are some great qualities that will help you land a great Intellectual Property lawyer:

• Communication Skills

The first quality that you should look for in a suitable IP lawyer should be their communication skills. This includes both written and oral skills. Filing for a patent is a lengthy process that entails describing, defining, explaining and instructing just to mention a few. If your Patent attorney does not come up with a well detailed application, you could end up leaving a loop hole for your competitors to manipulate. Therefore, you need an attorney who is not only fluent when it comes to arguing, but one who will be able to put down your application in details. He or she should also be able to pay attention and listen since communication is a two way street. Make use of your interviews to look for how well the attorneys you interview communicate.

• Analytical Skills

Secondly, you need a Patent attorney who has great analytical skills. From when you get started to when your patent is granted, there will be large amounts of information that will require analyzing. For the attorney to be able to reach sound conclusions, they will need to be comprehensive and critical when going through the data. Whether they are looking for any other patent that might be similar or just ensuring that there are no loop holes, great analytical skills are vital. Handling legal, scientific and commercial information all together may prove to be problematic to armature lawyers.

• Technical Knowledge

Like most fields of law, an Intellectual Property attorney should also have some technical and scientific knowledge of the patents they handle. As an inventor, you would be better off writing down the application yourself if the lawyer isn’t well versed with the subject. If the lawyer you want to hire is not technical at all, you should move on to the next one (even if their charges seem fair.) a Patent attorney who has a degree in a scientific or technical field will serve you much better. Having vast technological understanding over several fields will be an added advantage when it comes to getting jobs as a patent lawyer.


Though you could try and file for your patent all on your own, it’s always advisable that you at least consult a patent attorney. You could at least do some background checks of the idea on your own in order to save some money. Just make sure that you do a thorough search in both government libraries and online archives.