This delicate silk blanket is made for newborn babies and others children as it is made of 100% silk inside and out. It is so soft and gentle, perfect for baby’s first blanket. It can also perfect for adult and can be used in the traveling. It can also be a great security blanket as it contains 100% natural and breathable material. It’s super light weight makes it so easy to take along for travel or just simply strolling around.

Pure silk baby blanket is filled with 100% long mulberry silk floss. You can read about the benefits of silk floss filling from our site. This is even large enough to be used as a baby silk comforter, so use it anyway you like. Its usage is unlimited, a perfect baby shower gift.

Due to popular demand, we now have a toddler size baby silk blanket/silk comforter available. Matching silk comforter cover made of 100% Charmeuse silk is also available. The charmeuse silk cover not only softer in touch, it serves as a protective cover for the silk comforter for long lasting use.

100% natural (without dyes) the baby blanket or cuddle is generally made from natural silk fibers. If we want to remove the label, it is enough to stretch of a thread and it is easily removed. Perfect for wrapping the newborn. It is a natural fiber that is warm in winter and cool in summer. Our blankets are carefully handmade to perfection.

Each BLANC blanket and pillow is hand filled with natural silk fibers that are laid layers by layers carefully by 4 persons. It is then intricately stitched in place to withstand tugging.

This great value of our blanket that includes both the pure silk insert and cover saves all the headaches that we have been hearing about looking for the right cover for your duvet insert or pillow.

Tips for how to use:

BLANC Silk Insert

  • We recommend sun curing the insert every 3 months.
  • If soiled, dry cleaning is recommended or gentle hand washing similar to the cover.

BLANC Pure Silk Cover

  • Dry cleaning is always the best solution for silk.
  • However, if you prefer to wash it at home, we recommend hand wash only.
  • Do not scrub | Do not bleach | Do not twist dry | Lay flat to dry | Softener ok
  • Dry in a cool and airy place | Avoiding direct sunlight
  • Avoid harsh chemicals at all times.

A very soft blanket is great to cover with her after a long day in those colder months of the year. There is brightly colored wool and cotton blankets look great and complement any room.

So whether you want one to put it on your shoulders, to put it on the sofa or to place it on the bed, our blankets are the perfect way to add a touch of instant color to your home.

It’s different colors can represent your personal style and give your room a new tone.