So it appears that thanks to modern technology, there really is nowhere to hide. This is a Facebook post I came across that had gone viral, Just a simple status and now everyone on Facebook knows Samantha is a cheat, or is she?. I do not know who I feel sorry for the most, Samantha or Graham, although I am leaning towards Graham. To have your heart broken and to be humiliated so publically really is pretty shit, there has to be kinder ways of telling someone. Who knows, Graham might be an arsehole and had already cheated on Samantha?, that’s the thing with these types of posts, nobody actually knows the full story and it is all too quickly twisted and misinterpreted.

So, do we think it is right to put up these sort of status’s for the world to see, is it really any of our business and are we really doing people like Graham a favour?.

It is not only outing cheaters that has become a new trend on Facebook, slating businesses and restaurants have also become very popular but experts suggest that this new trend could be getting out of hand. It can cause the person that is about a lot of damage, especially if the facts are not always there.

I remember a year or so ago, a man was videoed in his garden (without permission) telling his dog off, if I remember rightly he kicked a plant pot at the dog, bear in mind that we have no idea why. This video was shared and shared via social media and the end result was the man being called an animal abuser, an angry mob came round to his house, smashed his windows, attacked him and damaged his property. The man in the video has had to move out of the town for his own safety, he had children, a stable job and a lovely home. The dog was also removed from his care, so who was the winner in that situation, nobody.

So before you upload that post, to slate somebody’s business or a takeaway, or to get involved in things that are really none of your concern, please consider the implications and consequences for all those involved, these posts are both damaging and cruel, not to mention dangerous. Social media is a powerful weapon.

For all we know, Samantha might not have even been at Travel Lodge that night 🙂