Some people disbelieve lucid dreams but they are real. The ability to control certain dream features via lucid dreaming, enables you to prevent nightmares.

Lucid dreaming is the ability to retain partial consciousness while dreaming in the rapid eye movement (REM) level of sleep. Used correctly, it enables you to define certain aspects of your dream like the environment, characters, narrative and so on. This can be very useful for individuals who suffer from constant nightmares. Your ability to guard yourself from constant nightmares is relative to how perfect your lucid dreams can be. Here are tips to help you perfect your lucid dreams.

1. Start a dream journal

Whether remembered or forgotten, the average person dreams around five times during a normal rest period. Starting and maintaining a journal for dreams offers an enhanced awareness of all your sleeping experiences. Although you might not remember your dreams at daytime, writing them down immediately after waking up boosts lucid dreaming abilities in due course.

2. Implement ‘reality checks’ at daytime

You should constantly use reality checks while awake. As you are aiming for partial consciousness while dreaming, you must remind your mind of your consciousness through the day. Keep asking your mind whether you are awake. As this becomes a habit, reminding yourself that you are in a dream while sleeping continues to get easier. This is the same for reiterating your awareness of going to sleep prior to actually falling asleep every night.

3. Use natural enhancements

Research results have verified that, people who use natural sleep enhancements before going to sleep reported, raised occurrences of lucid dream experiences. Natural enhancements intrude in sleep and boost micro-awakenings. This elevates the chances of lucid dreaming right from the onset of sleep. It also offers an REM rebound impact which ends in extra vivid morning dreams. You can easily get these enhancements. For example, you can buy salvia online from several legitimate sources. Natural enhancements are best used a few hours before you go to sleep.

4. After waking from a dream, float back to sleep

You will have more control over your dreams if you can ‘float’ back to sleep whenever you awaken from a dream. The trick is to fool your body and mind. You trick them by waking before the time you are supposed to sometimes. Essentially returning to sleep then offers you a better chance of acquiring dream control abilities. Set your alarm to wake you before its time. You then go back to sleep and your dream. You gain control as you are not yet in your deepest REM sleep.

Currently, science has confirmed that every individual goes through lucid dreaming once in his lifetime at least. Even though it seems pointless to some people, it is quite useful in fighting certain fears and anxieties. Nightmares are an example of such fears and anxieties. Having a relaxed mind prior to going to sleep enables you to have wonderful dreams. If you are still in doubt, try and discover the top 5 dreams when smoking salvia. You will surely get inspired.