What is permanent makeup eyebrow?

Permanent cosmetic makeup, also known as micropigmentation or dermapigmentation, is the procedure where the tattoo is used instead of cosmetics. It is best for the ones who have allergy prone, sensitive skin and cannot use traditional cosmetics. With the tattoo, lots of looks may be done such as camouflaging the scar tissue, copying the makeup used regularly like eyebrow enhancement and lip liner. The time taken for the procedure is dependent on various factors like the kind of dyes used and the type of skin you have. Permanent makeup eyebrow can eliminate the need for wearing heavy makeup while you enjoy beautiful and impressive eyebrows. Getting the right kind of eyeliner may be difficult every time and thus the cosmetic procedure is most popular.

Anyone who is sensitive to eye makeup can go for permanent makeup. When you talk about your face, eyebrows are the defining features. They help to frame your face, give it a shape and accentuate expression while emphasizing the eyes. Eyebrows play an important role in giving symmetry and shape to the face. So, with the process of micropigmentation, you may toss the powders and brow pencils. Permanent makeup can also help you to save time as you need not put makeup on your eyebrows everyday.

How can permanent makeup eyebrow help?

There are many who do not have impressive eyebrows as their brows are too light in color. If there are ugly scars on your brows, creating gaps in the brow, the cosmetic procedure is meant for you. Micropigmentation may help immensely in case the brows are almost non-existent. The cosmetic procedure will make your brows more expressive, sharp and define the face better. With this process, you need not worry about reapplying the eye makeup due to smudging.

Perfect brows with permanent eyebrow makeup

Permanent makeup eyebrow may be used to create the perfect set of brows that you dreamed of. Whether the eyebrows are over-plucked or they are asymmetrical, permanent makeup can camouflage scars and give fuller appearance. Eyebrows will appear to be fuller to perfectly define the face. The one who suffers from a condition which restricts the growth of brow hairs can find immense help. The cosmetic procedure can totally transform the appearance of the face.

How the process is carried out?

So, if you have decided to choose micropigmentation, you may approach a clinic for such service. The professionals will first discuss out the color and the shape of the brow you prefer. Here the face contour and the bone structure of the face plays an important role. The choice of the eyebrow tone and shape will be made as per your unique facial structure. Your eyes and bone structure will help determine where the brows are to be placed. The color of the brow is chosen as per the complexion.

With the permanent makeup eyebrow, natural looking beautiful brows are created. When compared to the solid fill, it is considered more natural. There are various advantages of this technique like enhanced definition, scar diminishing, thickening of thin brows, rectifying asymmetry and many others.

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