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I am an old soul who loves to read and write. A journalist by trade I have a never ending curiosity about the world around me which includes the investing and occasional spending of money. When not busy with my work I can be found in a bookstore, museum, play or swimming. I share my home with two double trouble dachshund sisters, named Heidi and Maddie, and a small Isabella dachshund named Daisy May.


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It wasn’t supposed to be like this. The favorite was a shoo-in. The bookie had told Tom that he would make enough for a wedding ring for his wife Talia who had waited years  as kids, a mortgage, and other bills had to be paid first. He was determined to buy the small diamond and white pearl…

So You Want to Be a Journalist

Part One: The mission. Never has there been a calling so versatile that requires one to be prepared like MacGyver, full of encyclopedic knowledge and ready to cover a gruesome crime scene,  even after a full  day of reporting on political speeches and a community parade. Being a journalist has its attributes and its frustrations,…

The Wisdom of Bibliophiles

Calling all book nerds. Do not be ashamed of your addiction. My small library, at last count of over 60 books, is bursting with shelves of read and unread passports into worlds unexplored. Though my interests have changed somewhat my passion and zeal for the printed word has deepened. So in this day of modern…

Questing for Time

Graduation day…check. A sense of accomplishment…double check. Ready to take on the world…eh maybe. Last month I attended an alumni meeting at my Alma Mater to hear the results of a study that was conducted last summer. As I sat among fellow alums who talked about their life and careers, many of whom had been out…

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