file0001821174168Have you been doing some remodeling or construction on an office? Before your employees come back on-site, take a few minutes to conduct a post construction cleaning checklist for a safe workplace and hire a professional to take care of the job.

Sharp Objects

Ensure that all of the loose nails, staples, or other small, sharp objects have been picked up off the floor. These could cause pain and injury if left behind.

Construction Dust

Using a heavy duty vacuum with HEPA filtration will get rid of the construction dust. The dust has a way of traveling everywhere, so be sure to spend time in the vacuuming process. This will help limit the airborne particles for your employees to breathe. That dust could also get into desks and file cabinets. These will need to be wiped out and sanitized before being used.

Sanitizing Kitchen and Bathroom

Don’t forget to kill the germs in the newly constructed kitchen and bathroom by completing a sanitizing job in those areas.

A deep cleaning is necessary before the facilities will be ready for use. This cleaning is not just for aesthetics, it’s also to prevent injury in the workplace.