India is a diversified country that has been blessed with innumerable religions, cultures, and customs. What makes India different from the other countries is the art and craft of India. India is popular for its marvellous art and craft in the form of many aspects. Whether it is dance, painting, music or clothing, different cultures have given us a lot to explore in terms of arts and crafts. One of the popular craft in India is the Indian embroidery that is different according to a different state and this is what makes India a diversified country. Women in India are so specific and keen for different types of embroideries and therefore, they want their clothing to be unique from every other woman in the world. Once you are aware of different types of embroideries, you can find the online tailors to get your attire stitched the way you want.

Different types of popular embroideries in India one should know about:

1. Kantha:

This is the most traditional type of embroidery that is usually found in Odisha and Bengal and popular for its simplicity. Earlier, Kantha embroidery was used to be done on the dhotis and sarees worn by the rural women. The thread which is used to do this kind of embroidery needs to be drawn from the threads on the border of the cloth. This embroidery is usually designed in the pattern of animals, daily routine activities, birds, and flowers with little gaps. Kantha is widely done on Sarees, bed covers, upholstery, and dress materials.

2. Zardozi:

Zardozi is an ancient art that has always been in trend for last so many years. In this type of embroidery, sewing of silver and gold thread is done on the fabric. This embroidery was introduced in the 17th century during the period of Mughals. Zardozi also involves the use of precious stones with the silver and gold threads. It is still the first preference of bridals as it gives you the royal look. This embroidery is usually done on royal fabric like velvet or silk. Ask your online tailor if they are able you to provide the material stitched with this type of embroidery or not.

3. Chikankari:

Chikankari belongs to Lucknow and this is the type of embroidery which was introduced by Nur Jehan, the wife of Mughal emperor Jahangir. A piece of chikan is prepared by making use of block printing patterns on it. Embroider has to stitch along the pattern and then, the finished piece has to be washed for removing traces of the print. Earlier, it was only used to be white on white embroidery, but now it is done on different fabrics and using different colours.

4. Phulkari:

Whenever it comes to Punjab, Phulkari is the most famous thing that comes to everyone’s mind. As the name depicts, phulkari is basically the embroidery of floral patterns on the fabric. In order to make a design in the front, the stitches are embroidered on the backside of the cloth. The fabric on which it is done is mainly a natural dyed khadi or hand-spun fabric. So, make sure before searching for the ladies tailors online that you are looking for the tailor who can design your dress embroidered with phulkari.

There are many online tailoring service providers available in the market who can stitch your dress with any of your favorite embroidery.