There are a huge number of things that can easily be done in GMod, such as building different type of rockets which people can ride, supercars which can run as fast as lightning, catapults which shoot stuff over very long distances, there’s quite a lot of things you can easily do in that game, but it is, even more, fun when you may do all that by playing that game with other players from across the globe! See the next section on how to play online with other players through

In this section, we’ll play on a GMod multiplayer server with different other players on the web! First, suspend a game by pressing (Esc) Escape key. It’ll suspend a game for you, and exhibit your menu, as seen below: Pick “Find Multiplayer Game”. It’ll show you a list of different game modes that is in use by different online servers on different geographical locations. For now, you must search for and afterward click on one which says “Sandbox”, with an icon being a wrench. You should then look for a server which has a low ping and low latency (lower than 300 will work well), (Higher ping is directly proportional to slower connection to server and in another word it mean high amount of traffic on server) is in a country, is not full or empty, and a map it is on is either gm_flatgrass or gm_construct. If a server has custom content which you do not have, (such as custom map, NPC, object, Tool Gun tool, vehicle, etc.) it’ll download it for you automatically while connecting to a server. When you’ve fully connected to a server, you’ll spawn on a map like in single player, except there would also be different other players playing in it as well. While you’re there, there are a couple of things you must know first as mentioned on pressing “Y” key allows you type in a message in order to send into the chat of server, allowing you talk to different other players.