Planning your dream kitchen can seem like a complicated process. There are so many things to remember, so many must-haves to include as well as hints of luxury that everyone wants included in the most important room in the house.

Planning your dream kitchen means avoiding pitfalls, so why not follow the guide provided by Mister Marble when creating your fantastic kitchen.

1. Don’t Obstruct The ‘Working Triangle’

It is a long-held belief that in a badly designed kitchen, we can walk miles further than we need to as we prepare dinner!

Although your kitchen can be both luxurious and stylish, underneath it all, it needs to be planned along scientific lines.

And that means bearing the work triangle in mind – sink, stove fridge. However, if you have a U-shaped or linear kitchen, you still need to bear these three points in mind and adjust the kitchen design accordingly.

Mister Marble can show you how.

2. Maximise Storage Space

There are kinds of gadgets and gizmos we need to keep in the kitchen, from awkwardly-shaped food processors to little-used bread machines.

Some appliances look great built-in but can bump up the cost considerably. But don’t assume that by stacking the kitchen ceiling high with cupboards and drawers, you will have all the storage you need.

Square cupboards can waste a lot of space and that minimising wastage with clever planning beforehand. It also means understanding how you use your kitchen, what you have to store, how frequently you need to access them and so on.

3. Prioritising Counter Space

In smaller kitchen designs especially, there are some things that lose out or are sacrificed to get the kitchen of your dreams. All too late, however, you realise that although it looks stylish, there is limited workspace to prepare the gourmet dinners you are famed for.

In any kitchen design, counter space is essential. Bear in mind that adequate storage space will also impact on worktop clutter and space.

4. Get The Lighting Right Too

It may be the place that people gather at parties, but it is foremost a work station. Thus, luminescence is key to seeing what you are doing. Don’t work in shadow but at the same time, this doesn’t mean you must have only stark lighting akin to a runway strip.

Lighting needs to be functional, but there are now many styles of stylish kitchen lighting, with some great solutions for under the cupboard lighting, as well as pendant lights and spotlights.

And remember, you don’t have to choose just one style of kitchen lighting.

5. Don’t Ignore The Recycling

There are many things that have changed that affect how we use our kitchens. The need to recycle as much packaging as possible is one of them.

Unfortunately, what that means is baskets and other receptacles piled high on a daily basis with cardboard, recyclable plastic and other materials. This takes up valuable counter space, as well as looking less than stylish in your dream kitchen. There are lots of different solutions on the market to help make recycling easier and more aesthetically pleasing, including sectioned recycle bins that hide neatly away in a cupboard.

And Finally…

Don’t go it alone. It may not be rocket science, but there is a science and a logical approach to kitchen planning.

This means understanding how to work with awkward areas, how to squeeze in storage that will be useful and work for you, as well as those finishing details and touches that give your dream kitchen the character that you want it to have. The only solution is to call in the professionals, for both design and installation.