Since there is no escaping from death it is wise for each of us to plan our own funeral and make arrangements while we are alive and capable. However, most neglect it and is left to their family members to plan it and say the final goodbye. It is always good to know how to plan a funeral at a short notice and ensure that the process goes off smoothly and at the least expense. You may want to give the best send off but it need not be the most expensive. Shop around, plan the funeral ceremony and the overall outcome will be far more pleasing.

Funeral Planning


However much you loved them or how close they were to you, forget about DIY unless you know what to do and have the stomach for it. It is best to get in touch with a funeral director or a company expert in planning and arranging a funeral for you.

The immediate steps to take include obtaining the medical death certificate (the funeral home may ask for it) and then discuss matters such as the burial service, whether you should choose cremation by fire or burial in a right casket according to taste and budget. Then there are other matters such as transport for people, the time of burial and the service, music, flowers and sundry other matters. Do not be in a rush and fix matters with the first one for planning a funeral. Ask around and you could save quite a bit.


There is a sequence to the whole ceremony. Planning a funeral means being quite meticulous. You need to notify everyone who is connected with the deceased. If your loved one has died in a hospital you arrange transportation to your home and fix it with the funeral director to take suitable care of the deceased to make him or her “presentable”.

• Purchase casket and memorial items.

• Purchase interment property.

• Handle all legal tangles and administrative matters pertinent to the death. The Will and everything else comes afterwards.

• Flower arrangement— do it on your own so that you can get precisely the type of flowers you know the deceased loved.

These are a few of the things that need to be done for planning a funeral. Then there are umpteen other matters.

The night before is a part of the journey. This is when everyone in the family gets together and it is a time of silent mourning. Take time off to check if everything is taken care of and nothing is missing. Cars are necessary to transport people to the site. These days people use their own cars and you may not have to hire a limo or other cars but keep one on standby…just in case. Music is part of the proceedings. You may use recorded music or arrange a live music group to play soulful tunes outside the church and at the wake. Drinks are part of funerals so make sure there is plenty to go around. Food is one thing you must never forget. It can be simple like cakes and tea.

It is likely you may miss some when planning a funeral. Make a checklist and go over it with the funeral director. That way you can control costs and make sure everything goes off smoothly much to the happiness of the soul of the departed.