London is a dynamic city. It’s a multi-cultural city people from all over the world with different language and culture inhabits here since generations. One who has the interest in learning about different cultures can never get bored here. A foodie person would love this city because the city has different spicy dishes of various backgrounds to change the taste of your taste buds. That is why you never get bored while living here. Apart from all the other aspects the city has lots of places to go, these are the places which are visited by millions every year and have enhanced the beauty of London. The city has many beautiful places to visit if one start covering them all then a whole book can be devised due to shortage of time I would discuss only a few of them which are as follows;

The London Bridge

This bridge is very unique and a wonder in itself. It is built above the river Thames. It has two immense towers and the road which passes underneath these towers can be opened when a ship has to pass. Likewise, the road can be closed when there is no need and the traffic moves smoothly.

The Greenwich Mean Time

Greenwich means time compliments the beauty of London. It is the place only owned by London city as it is situated on the zero longitudes and the time of the whole world is calculated from here. Due to this attribute, this place is visited by people especially those who study geography.

St. Paul’s cathedral

St. Paul’s cathedral is one of the oldest churches in London that is why a center of attraction for the tourists. It is from the late seventeenth century and is located at the Ludgate Hill which is the highest point of London. Furthermore, the whole building is in whole white from the inside and outside too while the inner building has been given a golden touch which adds its beauty.

Buckingham palace

The palace is a center of attraction for many people mainly because it is a home of kings and queens. The kings and queens are a fascination for people as they read about them a lot of stories in their childhood and now there are very few countries left in the world where you find them ruling. It has 775 rooms and some of the rooms are opened for the public to visit every year in august and September and in some days of winter and spring. The palace is a home of UK royalty and a headquarter of an administrative body. The British people gather here at the time of national days either rejoicing one or mourning.

The Hyde Park

It is one of the biggest and royal parks in London. It is situated on 350 acres. It has lots of places inside to entertain the people. It was created by Henry VIII in the sixteenth century for hunting purpose. Later on, it was opened to the public too. It has lots of greenery and a lake as well people come here for jogging, cycling, and dating too.

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