Last week, I caught a radio interview with Pitbull. Not “a pitbull,” but rather, “The Pitbull” – the internationally known singer who also goes by “Mr. 305,” and more recently, “Mr. Worldwide.” (How about that for some personal branding!?)

Pitbull is One Insanely Positive Person

What was immediately apparent in the interview with Elvis Duran and the crew at NYC’s Z100 was how grateful and positive Pitbull is as a professional. He’s not just having fun doing his job, he sees it as his goal to make everyone else have fun too. The conversation eventually turned to his success, with specific questions about what he attributed it to. During the interview, I was surprised at how on-target his advice was for those seeking greater career satisfaction. (You all know I can’t help but see everything as career-related.)

Here are my two favorites that proved to me Pitbull has a future in career coaching…

There is no “Lose”… Just “Win” and “Learn”

This gem of a comment had me yelling “EXACTLY” in the car. In group coaching, I tell attendees daily, “Careers are experiments – and experiments never fail.” Essentially, Pitbull is saying the same thing with his quote. And honestly, I like his better.

I Work Hard, Then I Work Harder. And Then… I Play Harder-er!

I believe in this motto as well. On Fridays, myself and the rest of the group coaching attendees talk about how we are going to “Press Play” on the weekend to make sure we reward ourselves for the hard work we are doing. Job search is a lonely job where we are own bosses. Often, people are terrible to themselves – holding happiness hostage as punishment for not finding a job. This is a terrible way to manage! If you work hard, and even harder, you must reward yourself – a.k.a. play harder-er.

What Celebrity Career Quotes Do You Love?

Tell me them in the comments below. I want to know what other high-profile stars have a future in career coaching.

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