Businesses and individuals receive phishing emails nearly every day. These emails attempt to dupe the recipient into believing an untruth to encourage them to share personal information. This may include names, phone numbers,  bank accounts numbers, passwords and more. While some are obvious, such as lotteries you never entered, others are more deceptive. Consider a few phishing emails to watch out for.

Bank Account Emails

Phishing attacks often try to make the recipient believe it is correspondence from a bank. The game requires sending out mass mailings, knowing at least a few people will be tricked. The email might claim your bank accounts was compromised or you need to login to your account for an important message regarding your account. Recently phishers have sent out emails purporting to be from leading financial institutions such as Chase, Wells Fargo or PayPal. Usually these banks will not reach out via email. If so, they will never ask for personal information. Watch login links carefully and call your bank before you respond to any type of email.

Online Billing Trick

Help Net Security reports emails have been sent that appear to be from Virgin Mobile, letting recipients know online billing was activated. It should send up an alert in your mind right away if you never applied for online billing. The trick is to get people to providing their Virgin Mobile login information then link the account with PayPal. The phisher will get access to the person’s Virgin Mobile phone account, PayPal and credit card information. This is like a jackpot for a phisher who will then use the credits cards and more to clean out the unsuspecting email recipient.

When it comes to email requests or warnings, it is better to err on the safe side. Always contact the institution directly rather then through a link in an email. Look for errors in the email, such as misspelled words or a blurry company logo. Businesses should offer anti-phishing training to key employees to protect corporate data and client security. When it doubt, always check it out.