Philips Norelco AT830 is a standout amongst the best health & beauty products electric shavers out there and it was initially discharged in 2012. In the event that you incline toward is revolving shavers overthwart, and short on the spending then AT830 may be a perfect decision for you.

Norelco AT830 is a Power Touch, Wet and Dry Electric Shaver which accompanies a considerable measure of helpful components and not very many downsides. The leader of this shaver can turn a little dislike the SensoTouch in the majority of the 3 measurements. Philips AT830 has Dual Precision Technology, which permits the go to handle the long hairs and in addition short stubbles, so you can appreciate agreeable and close shaving knowledge.

The fly up trimmer is accessible in this electric shaver too. The battery life of AT830 is awesome. It gives 50 minutes of battery reinforcement and it takes 1 hour to get completely charge. You can undoubtedly have 10 shaves on a solitary charge.

Rotational shavers were presented for happy with shaving knowledge. Simply don’t press the shaver hard on your skin; imagine like you are shaving a tissue paper, AT830 will carry out the occupation.

Philips Norelco At830 is mid-level electric shaver which has a considerable measure of awesome elements including Wet/Dry Technology, Dual Precision, Long enduring battery, Pop-up trimmer and a turning head. Other than that, the cost is low when contrasted with others. Simple to perfect, nice looking and an agreeable electric shaver and the most exceptional piece of this shaver is that it is amazingly tranquil.


 Double Precision and Wet Dry Technology

 Quiet (The engine of this electric shaver doesn’t make clamor that much)

 Agreeable and delicate skin inviting

 Moderate and Easy to clean


 Head can rotate however practically nothing.