1.Chocolate themed party! What could be better for a group of women than a decadent party full of chocolate? Waterfront Gourmet is known around town as one of the best catering companies in Philadelphia. So let us adorn your party in fudgey, delicious brownies, chewy cookies, chocolate cupcakes, and more! Here’s a tip: make your invitations chocolate bars!

2.Bohemian summer theme! As we round the corner to summer, bridal showers are happening nearly every weekend! Why not indulge in the beautiful weather by hosting an outdoor or beach party adorned with tapestries, some incense, and some relaxing tea? We have a wonderful array of coffee, tea, and cheese platters to perfectly compliment your boho theme! Choose a Philly catering company that gets your vision and can deliver!

3.A Southern Theme! Why not try on southern theme and cater your party with sweet tea, cookies, brownies, and specialty sandwiches? Work with our Philadelphia team to wow your bride with all of the tastes of the south, delivered right to your party!

4.Tex-Mex Theme! Our catering company has an authentic salsa tray, guacamole tray, and cheese tray to get you in the tex-mex mood! Decorate with festive, bright colors like yellow, turquoise and red, have fresh flowers, and of course delicious food!

5.Vegan themed party! With so many food allergies and highly conscious eaters, it may be a good idea to throw your bride a vegan party. Enjoy delicious fresh fruit, hummus, vegetables, vegan wraps or sandwiches, salad, and an array of teas and coffees. Waterfront Gourmet is a catering company in Philadelphia who loves celebrating all types of diets; so let us take care of yours!

6.Miniature theme! How adorable would it be to do everything in miniature?? Unlike other catering companies, we’d be happy to partner with you to offer everything in mini!

7.Cheese & Wine theme! This one might seem a bit obvious; by why not go for a classic theme that’s guaranteed to please? We can cater you the most delicious cheese tray with your choice or crackers or bread. All you need to do is bring the wine and show up!

8.Candy theme! Have bubble gum martinis, a candy bar, and the classic desserts, too. Imagine a room full of brownies, cookies, cupcakes, and delicious cocktails! Partner with a catering company like us local to Philadelphia to serve your sweet tooth!

9.Throwback Theme! Try on a different era like the roaring 20’s or the 1950’s. Have milkshakes and set up a projector to give the drive in movie vibe. Enjoy cheese and crackers, custom sandwiches to share, and of course soda for 2. Waterfront Gourmet has the perfect catering options available- see them now!

10.Royalty Theme! What could be better for the bride than to feel like a queen already? Adorn her in jewels and play games that fit the theme of the party! Work with us to adorn some cupcakes and other fabulous desserts to fit your party theme!

No matter your theme or what type of food catering you need for your bridal shower, our company is here to make your day special! Give us a call to get started, 267-308-5108 or 267-227-1994.

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