The recent rise of the phablets (part phone, part tablet) can be pinpointed to the trend setting marketing strategy which led Samsung to take the lead in the smartphone arena – if one flagship product is not enough, make it two!

This was seen starting from the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note, six months after Galaxy S II’s release in April 2012. A total of five million units for Galaxy Note were sold just four months into the release.

This went on to the success of Galaxy Note II which came in next year. What came into the picture is that competitors did not wait to give them a fight.

Apple came out with iPad mini, and even Sony took this a chance with the release of Xperia Z Ultra together with the Xperia Z1, which put up a fair fight to Samsung’s Galaxy Note III.

The release of the Sony’s Xperia Z2 only came along with the tablet revamp, but there was no sight of a phablet.

However, looking at current times, it seems that things are tiding down –  Sony seems to be holding back and Samsung’s upcoming fourth generation Note series, also known as Galaxy Note 4 is up for an early launch due to poor sales of its recently released flagship smartphone, Galaxy S5.

What is known is that the usual benchmark of the standard size of a mobile phone went from 4 inches to the 5 inches diagonal screen, which is pretty much the usual now.

Apple is late to this phabnomenon – It will be the first time that they are offering both a 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches diagonal screen to their new iPhone 6 coming this September.

Most of the people who elicited the demand for phablets wanted it for the ease of viewing with the amount of estate available on the screen, but may realize that the backlashes does not benefit more than the comfort to the eyes.

Few of the factors would be the bulkiness, which is noticeable over a long time and the effort to find a place to keep it just because it can’t fit into the pocket. This may be a probable reason why phablets will make their way out.

It may not be long before people forget about this class of devices since most see it as a fashion trend…but who knows when will it be back.

After all, size does matter.