A most inappropriate topic has stormed into the Republican debates. It is as far from ‘politically correct’ as Donald Duck is to a motivational speech.

If it were bandied about in the office you might get fired.

They’re talking about Trump’s hand size, and you know what that means. Mr. Trump, your pronouncements have been rated by Pulitzer Prize winning Politifact, as True 1% mostly true 7% Half true 14% mostly false 17% false 41% and ‘pants on fire 20%. Regarding this matter you said, “I guarantee you there’s no problem”. Do you want the rational, thinking part of America to believe you? Show us the ‘johnson’.

Donald, is this like the guarantees you made regarding Trump University, Trump Vodka, Trump bankruptcies, Trump hair, Trump marriages, Trump: The game, Trump casinos, Trump Airlines, and any and all foreign policy pronouncements. Oh yeah, and that damned wall you want to build!

Let’s not debate real issues facing us today. America is in fine shape. Our veterans are being taken care of. We’re educating our students from pre-school through college. Almost 100% of scientists worldwide agree on climate change and the resultant problems to us all. Why shouldn’t Republicans seeking the highest position in the land talk about anything of substance? It’s as far from the real world as a Kardashian senior thesis on nuclear fission.

Stop catering to the votes from knee jerkers when you don’t or can’t back up almost anything you say with FACTS. America is not a reality show.

Do we want a President that says the kind of things you say at your rallies regarding people you don’t like?

You are the result of what appears to be years of a ‘blacklash’ from the intolerant, the indignant and the inexcusable bigotry from a small percentage of those who wish to return to an age that we will never return to. Let’s move forward, not back. Please leave now before you further rip what’s left of the republican party to shreds…..oh wait…..never mind!

Of course it's an unflattering picture, it's a crummy situation

Of course it’s an unflattering picture, it’s a crummy situation