Last year I talked about the how the PC market and how it isn’t dead, but is actually making a comeback in a different way. Today, your average computer user usually uses their smart phones for access and mobility and that’s where the PC market is headed. With the success of tablet PC’s, the one market that can see a huge influx of consumers is the Big Tablet/Hybrid PC market. Today you have the likes of 12inch tablets such as Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, HP Pro Slate, Dell Venue, and Asus that have hit the market with slim success.

DellXPSAlso, don’t forget Lenovo came out a year ago with it’s Lenovo Horizon PC that was a 27inch tablet/desktop and was a hit a CES. As an investment one can make a case for Microsoft and it’s newly Windows 10 upgrade. By the looks of Windows 10, Microsoft is starting to see what consumers missed and demanded when they changed the look of Windows. With Windows 10, it looks like a big hit for Microsoft, so look for their upcoming earnings lets see if Windows 10 is a success or a flop. The future as I see it, is all about mobility. Consumers want that flexibility to move their computer/tablet/game around without the hassle of unplugging a huge brick from wall and caring it across the room. So as the future is here, I cannot wait to see the innovation into this market of mobile PCs.