“Maybe it’s a sign!” Many of us have said this, but, do you actually believe in signs?

Signs are divinely powerful manifestations of guidance. During my spiritual awakening process I learned that signs are the result of the give and take of intention setting. When opening yourself to receiving, you will find signs will manifest for you in order to guide you down the path you are intended to be on.

You can ask for signs or you may receive them when you’re least expecting it. I had a funny guiding sign moment this morning. For the past few months I have been pondering the thought of moving to Texas. My mom happened to throw out Austin or San Antonio as a couple options. For the last few days I have been wondering which city would be right for me. Naturally, I asked for a sign to point me in the right direction. This morning driving into work I was flipping through the radio stations and landed on one that said “San Antonio, Texas” and the commercial changed.

I still get a little giddy every time I get a sign that is so clear and quick to manifest for me. Now, is San Antonio right for me? I don’t know yet, but I do feel like I should honor this sign and look into a bit more and see if maybe this path continues to open up for me.

Guiding signs are a part of your spiritual awakening process. A lot of people tend to experience the same kind of signs because they tend to represent divine sources. Below are four common signs you should take care to notice if you are looking for guidance.

Angel Numbers:

Angel numbers are numbers that are repetitive or sequential. 11:11 or 1:11 on the clock is one of the most powerful angel number signs. There was a point where I started to give up on my blog and lose faith. Suddenly I started seeing 12:12 and 12:21 on the clock almost every day. When I looked up the angel number meaning of 12:12 and 12:21 they were signs to keep pursuing my endeavors and to step outside of my comfort zone. It also stated in order to attain my goals I needed to be fearless. I mean, if that wasn’t a sign that I should continue to pursue my blog I don’t know what is! 


Feathers are another sign that you are being guided by your angels! Some believe the color of the feathers have specific meanings. White feathers are thought to represent the presence of your guardian angels. Grey feathers are thought to represent calming energies and new opportunities. Black feathers mean you are being protected.


One of the most powerful signs that has ever presented itself to me was in the form of an obstacle. There was a time I was going to send a not so pretty message to someone severing ties and for some reason the message would not send. I accepted it as a sign that this message was not meant to be and shortly thereafter I received a very heartfelt and apologetic message from that same person.. Had the text I was going to send gone through, we would have surely been on the outs for a very long time. A break up of a relationship is also an obstacle. Break ups are traumatic and heart breaking, but down the road you may find the break up saved you from a life path that you were not meant to be on, or it directed you to path you were meant to be on.


When you are meant to follow a path, resources will present themselves to you. Job openings, funds, random encounters or even a random spam email will direct you to the correct path. I had a temporary job at one time, and as that job was coming to an end I started to look for other positions. Within days I received a message on a social network asking me if I was interested in interviewing for a position at their company. Eventually I was hired and am still currently employed.

When we open ourselves up to receiving, the possibilities are endless. Keep your head and heart open and don’t be afraid to ask for guiding signs, you may just receive exactly what ask for!