Candy crush is one of addicted puzzle game and you might be stuck in any hard level. There are tips that you could try to pass the level and get more score than your friend.

Use candies from bottom

When you will break the candies from bottom then candies around the board will shuffle and could break the candies automatically plus will break the blockers. You will get more chance to make special candy.

Special Candy

When you combine more than three same color candies you get striped candy or if you combine five same color candies then you get color bomb. You could use these special candy to  break more candies.

Break Blockers

Always try to break the blockers first as it will help you to get more space in the board. You will get more candies to play. You could use them to make more special candy and more score.

I hope these tips will help to pass the level if you still do not have candy crush then play from facebook. Or download Android or iPhone app.