When it comes to selecting between a paid search campaign or hiring a professional firm to handle SEO, business owners and brand managers must remember that these two online marketing methods share an important goal in common.

Both organic SEO and paid search campaigns are conducted for the purpose of placing websites on the first search engine results page (SEO). To this effect, the higher positions on the SERPs are the most coveted, and they are often easier to achieve with paid search advertising than with organic SEO methods, at least on a short term basis.

The most sensible online marketing strategies will combine diligent organic SEO work with paid search campaigns; however, there are times when one method will be more appropriate than the other. These tips are shared by A San Diego SEO Company – Saba SEO

What Organic SEO is Really About

Search engine giant Google tends to be brutally honest with regard to the effectiveness of paid search over organic SEO. As the situation currently stands, Google has explained that a carefully crafted AdWords paid search campaign can be just as effective as organic SEO when immediate and specific results are desired.

Organic SEO does not work as fast as paid search; nevertheless, its positive effects tend to last a lot longer. Organic SEO is about building more than just SERP rank; it is actually about developing an online brand that internet users can trust.

It is very important to understand that organic SEO is not limited to website structure and keyword placement. Content marketing and social media engagement are factors that major search engines such as Google are paying close attention to.

Why Paid Search Advertising is Effective

The foremost reason to launch paid search campaigns is to get a quick SERPs boost that will fulfill a particular business purpose.

Similar to organic SEO, paid search is based on specific keywords, but the intended reach is narrower and can be tailored to reach audience segments. Depending on the industry and the competitiveness of the chosen keywords, paid search campaigns may end up costing considerably more than organic search; however, if the intention is to promote a time-sensitive event, paid search presents a greater advantage.