You know the feeling. TMI. Too much to do. Too many demands. Not enough time. Not enough money. Not enough you.

It makes a lot of us want to scream variations on, “What do you want from me? Leave me alone!” I call it The Garbo Syndrome. “I vant to be levt alone ….”

Here’s a little-known mystical fact about overwhelm:

Usually, we’re in charge of it.

I can already hear you sputtering. What? Me?!?! Am not! Definitely not.

Are so.

So, here’s what’s to do. Feeling overwhelmed? Good.

Take a break.

No, I have too much to do to take a break! says the addicted-to-adrenaline self.

I mean it. Take a break. Stop. Breathe. Change the subject. Then, once you’re calmer, ask yourself a question.

What am I not receiving right now?

Usually overwhelm has to do with something you’ve a/ asked for, b/ manifested, and c/ aren’t receiving right now.

How’s that for an eye-opener?

It’s true.

Just the other day, I was scheduled to give a seminar to a work team about a new company initiative. Good enough. EXCEPT. I was in the car on my way there caught in traffic and got into overwhelm. Fortunately, I already know the not-receiving-right-now trick.

I asked myself the question, and laughed out loud at my next thought.

What if everything that has happened, that is happening and that will happen is right?

You know how people say all the time … no mistakes?

What if there really aren’t any? Ever?

You know what happened? In that blessed moment of receiving, the traffic cleared up and I even got there in time to go get some sashimi for lunch.

It was my resistance that was causing my problem. Not the traffic jam.

Think on this, my friend.

What if every time you fall into resistance, and believe me, resistance is legion, rampant, and highly contagious, you could make whatever it is right instead of wrong?

Voila. Everything would work out [in your favor.] No exceptions.

What you’ll find if you do this, and we all have to get here eventually, is that life becomes easier, and that managing your own resistance is ninety percent of having a brain.

It’s just an opinion, sweetie!

Get over it, and watch things happen with such ease that it’ll take your breath away.

I kid you not.