Organizing a charity event is a very rewarding endeavor both for you and the cause, but also one that comes with many uncertainties and requires careful planning and a plenty of time and dedication. The success of the charity event will depend on various factors, all of which cannot live without one another in the whole that is effective organization.

Let’s take a look at what are the key elements of charity event organization.

Put Everything on Paper

First of all, define the purpose of the event and put into clear writing that will later serve as your opening speech. Whether you are organizing a fundraiser or attracting attention to a cause, you will want to clearly define all of the causes the event is supporting, as usually there is more than one primary cause.

Secondly, get the necessary permissions, both legal and individual; in order to obtain all of the rights and the necessary consent of the organization you are trying to help.

Setting the budget goal and targeting your audience will be crucial as the two directly correlate. You need to invest money to make money and that is why proper planning will be key. Be sure to plan out the cost of every aspect of the event, from catering to the venue, from parking to the thank-you notes. This way you can have a clear idea of your target budget and the kind of people you need to attract.

Define your audience based on the budget and the nature of the event. Naturally, your event should stay open for anyone who wishes to aid the cause, but it should serve the targeted audience predominantly.

Lastly, you want cover the entire organization and hosting costs with donations from sponsors, so don’t be afraid to reach out. This way all the money raised for the cause can go where it should, and not towards paying the bills. Do the necessary research on the companies you are interested in and craft unique proposals for each.

The Venue is Key

Choosing the location of the charity event will be one of the most difficult tasks as it requires of you to find the right hosting company that is professional enough to support this kind of event logistically. Think about the kind of setting you would want for the event, is it an indoor or an outdoor event, does it have an intimate setting or is it in broad daylight surrounded by nature?

The possibilities are numerous and by opting for the famous Navarra Venues, you can choose either an indoor hall or a venue that offers an uplifting outdoor atmosphere perfectly designed to get people in a charitable mood.

Make sure to check out the place beforehand and agree on all of the details with the hosts, everything from parking to catering, from seating to the charity program. The hosts are there to help you reach your goals and they will go out of their way to make your charity event the best it can be.

Spread the Word

Social media tools are a great way to spread the word about your upcoming event and reach a wide, but targeted, audience. You can send personalized emails to people you know are crucial to the cause and also send invites to people of note, not necessarily just the ones who are able to make a sizable donation. Publicity is king, and you would want to grab as much media attention as possible not only to raise money but to raise awareness.

Be sure to film the event and have thank-you notes sent out to every attendee after the event, with complementary pictures. This is a nice gesture people will appreciate. You can also send the official charity video to companies, and most importantly, your sponsors and the media. This will allow your sponsors to get more recognition and promote the cause themselves while having the incentive to work with you again in the future.

If you follow these guidelines, organizing a charity event will turn out to be a pleasure rather than a stressful chore, full of reward and personal fulfillment.