In this world of eCommerce, OneClick Buy feature is considered as one of the most profitable eCommerce innovations. Now, it becomes extremely easy for you to save information and make those fancy buys immediately. However, it is quick and convenient, so taking purchasing decisions becomes simple without any facing any difficulty. OneClick Buy is the best innovation of Amazon.

Amazon’s most profitable innovation is OneClick buy feature that allows people to save their information and make those impulse purchase immediately. Check-out this blog and get huge information on how this feature works for your business.

When it comes to talk about Amazon’s original 1-Click shopping, it knows about your address and important credit-card information, so customers just need to face is the buy button.

Amazon’s One Click

We all know that check-out is the eCommerce gauntlet, and your single wrong move and too many clicks can create a room for your customers to give a second thought to their purchase and finally, they will abandon your cart.

Approximately 67.89% of shoppers are abandoning carts, so retailers are losing $18 billion a year. In this world of eCommerce, there are lots of different reasons a shopper is abandoning a cart like high-shopping charges, page load times, item out of stock, comparison shopping, broken links, difficult check-out process and more.

6 step check out process

As compare to eCommerce stores, donation pages need very less number of thoughts as there is no reason to make it difficult to take action. We can say that Amazon has got an accurate about OneClick; however, ordering on Amazon is not only simple than visiting any store, but it was almost easier compare to rest of the Internet. Thus, Amazon has won the Internet.

Let’s have a look on Some Important Lessons

Ensure That You Make it For a Wonderful Customer Experience:

We all know that OneClick is a great business innovation that came from Amazon’s joy. Amazon is one such company that has been rooted-in and flourished from, excellent customer service. When it comes to OneClick, it is all about convenience and offering customers the most hassle-free route to the product as they wanted.

Through this, Amazon has own the numerous customers. However, it is also true that there are some points of resistance, which are not easily possible to eradicate all together, but you can take out some time to analyze and optimize your donation process.

You can develop a Path to Your Donation Form:

You know why OneClick is successful because it directly leads you to the reward the product that you wanted to purchase. It says “BUY IT NOW”. What you say is SHIP IT HERE. Ultimately, you will get your package at your doorstep.

To achieve the end goal, there is not any single network to navigate or barriers. As one should go for arriving at your donation form, and when someone comes to know about you, they would like to support it.

Steps to Complete Donation

Step 1: First of all, you have to click on the prominent Donate button.

Step 2: Now, you can simply complete donation form.

Important Note – You need to remember that the donating must be simple than writing and mailing a check. Make sure that your donate button directly lead customers to go your donation form. If you would lead people to another page, where they need to look again for click, it can cause supports to leave it.

Optimize Your Donation Form:

In order to decide what points are working and what not, is going through different tests and iterations. It includes all the things from copy to the check-out process. Correspondingly, it is easy to optimize the donation form in order to determine what is working for your organization.

Remember that a perfect and effective donation form includes:

  • A clean yet professional design that will be easy for customers to navigate

  • Make sure to be secure as it shows a donor’s information is safe and secure.

  • Be as simple as possible like no extraneous fields or links just directly come to the point.

  • You can include a personal touch like adding motivating copy to your donation page, Thank You for donating.

Try to Make it Clear – A Donation is processing, then completed and say Thank You

You need to make sure that there is an indication it is working on when your donation page takes time to process. You can click on the donate button for multiple times as it is unclear whether it will lead to something dead end pages. But you know with spinner, you can easily solve this issue: Did the donation is going correctly? Have you press the back button? Oops, you may get this page:


So, you should make sure that it will be clear and obvious as it has completed their donation

Make sure it is obvious to donors that they have completed their donation successfully. And, as always, say thank you, include social share buttons and links to impact stories about how the donation has helped your important cause. Providing such quality and assurance is helpful for you to enhance trust and customer loyalty.

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