Whether it’s a Keurig single-cup brewer, or a Mr. Coffee carafe that hasn’t been rinsed since 1996, many companies still offer free cups of Joe in the break room despite efforts to trim costs.

The ‘perk’ of offering free coffee is not taken lightly at Apple.

It’s hung up the “Now Hiring” sign for the job for what it calls, an “I-Cup Technician.”

Yes, really.

What are the duties of an iCup Technician?

Technicians must provide freshly brewed coffee to all Apple employees within their department, according to the ad, which was spotted by Time magazine.

The lucky candidate must also be flexible since the position requires them to be on call during business of operation.

The last thing we need is for the team working on the new iWatch or latest iPhone to start dozing off, right?

Knowing your way around coffee equipment helps too since you have to refill the machines as well as troubleshoot them if they break down. Milk duty comes with the gig too, as well as cleaning up messy coffee grounds, of course.

Not just anyone is fit for the job

Apple insists applicants have “excellent customer service skills,” and “prior work experience with coffee machines.”  The ability to multitask is also a plus, to set you apart from the rest of the pack.

Java is your expertise, not Javascript, though Apple still wants you to have “some computer skills” to do the job, believe it or not.

Lastly, you better be able to keep a secret. iCup Technicians may hear chatter about the next big Apple product hitting the market, so the company said, “Maintaining the highest standards of conduct and confidentiality” is a must.

The job may not sound glamorous, but it may be a step up from your current job at Dunkin’ Donuts.

Besides, Apple is one of the most desired tech companies in the world to work for, and this gives you the chance to rub elbows with Tim Cook and the gang.

UPDATE: It seems the position has been filled. Less than a week after its posting online, the description has already disappeared off Apple’s job site.