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How Will the Election Outcome Impact Precious Metals?


By Clint Siegner, Originally Published at Money Metals Exchange Metals investors wonder what this presidential election will mean for gold and silver markets. Since Nixon closed the gold window in 1971 and the years of price inflation that followed, presidents have largely ignored gold, the Federal Reserve, and other issues related to sound money. Today,…

A Different Kind of Denial


A more subtle form of doubt has crept into the climate debate even as government agencies confirm what we already know: It was a hot and soppy summer. NASA said global temperatures broke all-time records in July and August; NOAA said all the lower 48 US states sweltered in those two months, with records shattered…

Is Evangelicalism Imploding With the Republican Party?


Hear the rumble beneath the great collapse. The pretense of evangelical cohesion in America is disintegrating even as the Republican Party implodes, with rubble surrounding the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump. Long-hidden fissures have surfaced, making the obvious painfully clear: The term “evangelical” has become so thinned and adulterated it’s worse than meaningless. A question…