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Follow The Logic


Donald trump is now going after what he claims is an egregious act by the then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. “She spurned a plea from a head of State for assistance and we cannot let it pass without a Congressional investigation.” He went on, “I heard it from so many people, that a Prince…

What Are They Selling Here?


While shopping for clothing detergent I discovered the small size of Gain detergent costs twice as much and you only need half the amount. I think you never needed the original amount to get your clothes clean. It’s like the toothpaste ads that show a toothbrush being filled from end to end when you only…

Earth’s Answer To Plastic Waste? Meal worms!


One man’s trash is another man’s, or worm’s, treasure. Research from Stanford shows that darkling beetle larvae, (mealworms) can and will gobble a diet of polystyrene (Styrofoam) or plastic waste. Stanford’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering raised a hundred mealworms from birth strictly on styrofoam which the creatures can digest thanks to a type…