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Wall Paint Services in Dubai


How’s your property looking nowadays? Looking sort of murky and drab? Contemplating just how much you can’t wait until your children head to college to help you paint over all of the “art” they drew on the bedroom walls? Hiring painters may be a very important thing you’ve ever prepared for yourself. Wall painting services…

How To Take Care Of Your Feet Ankles


The feet are the most neglected part of the body yet also the most overburdened. Your feet perform basic mobility tasks such as walking, running and jumping which make them an integral factor in performing our everyday duties.  Specifically, the ankles of the feet receive most of the weight of our bodies as we go…

7 Culprits of Caffeine & Coffee


Is any beverage loved more by today’s professionals than coffee? I think it’s safe to say that corporate America worships coffee! 80% of average Americans are bowing down to the coffee bean 3-5 times per day in the form of 8 ounce cups. And why not? Coffee never argues, never misses deadlines, never wants a…

10 Tips for Deep Sleep


By Lance Breger, Executive Wellness Coach & CEO of Infinity Wellness Partners Sleep is the single greatest and cheapest form of rest, repair and rejuvenation for the human body and mind, but often the very first thing sacrificed by today’s high performing professionals. Our 24/7 access to work, light and carbohydrates has completely deteriorated the…

4 Tips for Reducing Workplace Stress

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By Lance Breger, Executive Wellness Coach & CEO of Infinity Wellness Partners My name is Lance Breger and I was a hot mess. Not only was I a full-time personal trainer, but also running two startup wellness businesses simultaneously. I was working 7 days a week, sacrificing sleep for 6:00am clients, emailing and blogging late…