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Preparing for Post-Election Social Unrest


By Stefan Gleason, Originally Published on Money Metals Exchange The 2016 election year is bringing out the worst among some elements of society. From vandalism to physical assaults to large scale race riots to terrorist bombings and mall stabbings, social disorder has become a more prominent feature of life in a polarized America. It’s easy…

How Will the Election Outcome Impact Precious Metals?


By Clint Siegner, Originally Published at Money Metals Exchange Metals investors wonder what this presidential election will mean for gold and silver markets. Since Nixon closed the gold window in 1971 and the years of price inflation that followed, presidents have largely ignored gold, the Federal Reserve, and other issues related to sound money. Today,…

Follow The Logic


Donald trump is now going after what he claims is an egregious act by the then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. “She spurned a plea from a head of State for assistance and we cannot let it pass without a Congressional investigation.” He went on, “I heard it from so many people, that a Prince…