Are you tired of your favorite show getting canceled due to poor TV ratings, well that’s not gonna happen due to the monopoly know as The Nielsen Company. As a former member of the Nielsen Company, I sit here and wonder, why aren’t there any other companies providing competition. Some of you may say The Nielsen Company, who are they, well the Nielsen company is the company that provides the information to major TV networks with stats based on how many people watched a specific program. The Nielsen company is the company formerly known as Nielsen TV ratings. Coming from a Nielsen TV Ratings Employee, the Nielsen ratings system is flawed given this is 2014 and technology is steady growing, competition should be around the corner, but it not. Based on information given all Nielsen homes receive some sort of incentive to participate in the ratings. Based off the home demographics they can receive up to 50 to 200 dollars upfront and then 50 to 100 dollars every quarter from Nielsen. If your home is a family of 5 or more that family would receive 150 during the installation and then 50 dollars per quarter. To get more demographics if the family is Hispanic or African American then the money increases to 200 to 250 per family and then 50 to 100 per quarter. The Nielsen ratings are flawed, how can you determine a national rating of home with a total of homes (600) represents a city such as Houston, Dallas, Austin, or San Antonio. Note all demographics are in that 600 total. This cannot make for an accurate rating system. As someone who is knowledgeable, Nielsen uses these so call people meter boxes placed on every TV in the home. Everyone in the household have to press their assign button either on the people meter or remote control when watching TV even if it is for a second, but wait there is another caveat. While watching TV the meter flashing every 15 to 30 minutes to make sure you are there watching TV, which you have to press your assign button again. This is too much of a problem for those who participate, yet alone a burden which makes watching TV a hindrance. Now, lets get to how competition can come in and change this monopoly. Think about it, there are two major companies out there right now who can implement a ratings system just by incorporating there existing technology, Microsoft Kinect and Sony. You wanna talk about growth and a new revenue stream, I’m talking to you Microsoft, Sony, Amazon, and any other company who can use the motion technology to determine who watches what once TV is turned on. For this study lets use Microsoft, Microsoft with well over 400,000,000 million Xbox 360 & Xbox One owners (total combine) could easily set there Kinect system to monitor ratings for TV and movie broadcasting. As a Xbox One owner, I have my own personal avatar, my son has one, my wife has one and with this information Microsoft can determine when we are at the TV recognize us and use that information for ratings and commercials. With over 500 billion, the TV commercial market is there for a competitor to come shake up the industry, who’s satisfied with Nielsen? Not I, and I can’t wait tell someone like Microsoft, Google, Apple, Amazon, or any other company come in and shake up this monopoly.