Extreme digital,fast pace life just ahead of us. Next 50 years and beyond are coming up with the real challenge for humans and their societies. Only fast pace individuals, groups, nations,who really believe in change will get the chance to survive.

There will be no chance for old formatted humans. Certainly extreme digital life will give us an opportunity to to change the attitude and get the chance to survive, after all it will not be anti human system. Stubborness can be like suicide bombing for an individual or the society. Excepting Extreme digital life with willingness can be reason of real progress and survival and success in centuries to come, otherwise to die in the darkness will be destiny, that’s for sure. Time to think, challenge and sudden change is just ahead.

We can not survive with old thoughts and actions. Human life is going to enter in new phase, it requires to adopt modern wisdom, which certainly will have its own ethics and rules of game, it only depends on us that how we percieve, understand and follow the new system of life. It apparently seems that the societies like us are in real danger because we are old formatted and always afraid of change.

We have to face real challenge.We are living in stagnant environment, we love to live in the small pool, where excess to modern wisdom is limited. We know nothing about new things therefore always try to get shelter in old thoughts.

We don’t have courge to accept the challenge to work hard to understand the modern wisdom, so it will be real challenge for us to accept and follow the extreme digital life with willingness and complete understanding, Future of humans is based on more honesty, hard work, dedication and real education