Recently I saw an article in The New York Times about telescoping the standard three-year Masters in Business Administration [MBA] process into one year. In response to the article, my brain conjured the latest experience I’d had of driving behind a garbage truck.

MBA? Garbage truck? And those are related … how? Bear with me.

It was pre-dawn in New York City. I was driving west on 9th Street trying to get out of town early on a Monday morning to beat the rush hour nightmare when I got caught behind a cab which was caught behind an automated garbage truck. The cab couldn’t get by it, and neither could I.

The cabbie and his passenger were pissed. I was not. Why? Because I have a special M.B.A.—Masters in Being Awake. It’s such an efficient program that you can learn it in a nanosecond. No tuition required. No books. No formal exams. It’s a way of Being.

So here’s how I processed getting stuck behind a garbage truck.

It’s dawn. The City is quiet. The guys are big, handsome and doing a great job. The truck is working at maximum efficiency. It’s like a ballet. The workers move the dumpsters into position. The mechanical arms grasp the dumpsters and empty them into the grinding maw of the truck.

I’d spent the weekend in the City. I knew I had created at least a little bit of garbage myself in my stay in town. The garbage wizards were up and at ’em, doing their gig beautifully with no fuss to handle the muss I had helped to create.

I was using my MBA [Masters in Being Awake] therefore I sat patiently in my car in gratitude  that a/ there are garbage balletomaines; b/ they were doing their job ; b/ that I didn’t have to do their job; d/ that someone figured out how to make a truck to do the gig; e/ that there was somewhere other than 9th Street where the garbage was going to end up. You catch my drift, right?

Because I was awake to what was really happening, and reached in my own consciousness to understand how it was benefiting me, I did not lose my cool over the garbage ballet unlike the cab driver who started to blow his horn and swear at the sanitation workers and generally screw with his own [and their] blood pressure. And still the cabbie had to wait till the ballet was over.

MBA. Having a masters’ degree in being awake lets me understand that everything in my reality happens for a reason, that everything is for my benefit, and that I need to take the time, focus, effort, and energy to figure out how so that I can go through my life at ease and full of gratitude.

Now lest you think I am one of those halo-sporting saints, let me disabuse you of that notion right away! Not at all, my friend. I earned my “M.B.A.” in my younger, stupider days the hard way—by losing my cool, by telling people off, by taking things personally. There are still some areas in my life where I forget sometimes to apply my degree until something happens to wake me up again.


The thing is: being awake, o sleeper, is SO MUCH EASIER than being asleep. In every situation. Every time. With everyone. Everywhere. And every when.

Getting my kind of MBA is really not optional. It’s a little like A Course in Miracles. It’s a requirement. Everyone has to take the course. We all have to/get to wake up. The only real questions are when, and how long you decide it’s going to take you. The best answers to those two queries are: Now, and instantly.

Wake up! To the beauty, the wonder, the joy of this life. Live in a state of wakeful Being. See if you don’t become a Master [and earn your degree] in record time.