Republicans are split on the effects of their new health care bill. CBO estimates of up to 15 million people and maybe more could be bumped off the health care roles next year for one reason or another. Paul Ryan declared his opposition. “We’re going for all 20 million on Obamacare. We won’t rest until we obliterate all coverage.”

‘Trumplethinskin’ Tweeted “This is more complicated than I thought. Which is better, tax credits or subsidies? I don’t remember if I said ‘all people’ would be taken care of or just ‘all people with money.’ I received the information on a weekend in Florida and it was complicated by the fact that I’ve never had to study on the golf course before.

By the way, Kellyanne was brilliant when she said that ‘Microwave ovens can turn into cameras’. It gave me an idea. Airport security x-ray equipment performs full body scans so a valuable medical function could be done with a little adjustment in power.

This equipment can see metal objects under clothes, so let’s juice up the current and look a little deeper. Passenger/patients who won’t be covered by our insurance need only buy a ticket to Orlando to get a scan.

The airlines don’t care where you go as long as you’re properly screened. They’ll just add a printer to the unit and bingo, you get an inexpensive medical scan as well.

How easy would it be to cross train TSA personnel with EMT training? They’re going to pat down a certain number of passengers anyway, so don’t be alarmed if they pat your back and ask you to cough at the same time. Waiting in line at the airport is a lot shorter that waiting in the doctor’s office and there’s less coughing and hacking.

Hey, while you’re in there, stick your head in the machine and get a full set of uppers and lowers instead of an expensive x-ray from your dentist.

Think of it, a full set of X-Rays and frequent flier miles. Brilliant!”

Now if we can only work on the cavity search.