The flight delays compensation issue has been a subject of debate in the UK from so many years. Every now and then we come to hear about cases pending in the Courts of the UK dealing pertaining to the flight delay and cancellation issues.

A few days ago, a consumer organization suggested British Airways hand hundreds of pounds to every customer affected by its meltdown. It said that this step was necessary to relieve the stress of a lengthy claims process to get flight delays and Cancellation compensation conveniently and in a quick time.

Accusing him of failing his customers, it wrote an open letter to the Airlines Chief, executive. If the British Airways says yes to the suggestion of this consumer organization, then it has to pay 600 euros per passenger as compensation claim.

Pertinently, the British Airways had come under severe criticism after it directed its customers to their travel insurers before they submit claims to British Airways.

Why to make use of Flight delay Checker UK?

A very common hurdle in the financial compensation of the passengers is the burden of the proof and the authenticity of the evidence concerning the flight delay and compensation. According to UC regulations, a passenger is not entitled to any compensation if he/she fails to provide adequate contact information. He/she has to provide the information like time of flight booking. And did the Airlines inform the passenger of the cancellation or delay of the flight on time?

You can make use of Flight delay checker UK to gain all this information to make your case strong.

Rules of Flight Delays and Cancellation compensation

The flight delays and Cancellation compensation norms were revised from August 2016. According to new Guidelines, an Airline is required to pay up to Rs 10,000 to the Customer, if the flight is delayed or cancelled beyond two hours. And if the airline prevents a passenger from boarding a flight then it has to pay compensation amount up to Rs 20,000. Until July 2016, the British Airlines would provide an amount of Rs 4,000 for cancelling or denying a boarding.

The Airline protocol is that the passenger should arrive at the airport in advance of the flight. Sometimes passengers experience inconvenient delays but that is for a very short time.

But at times delays extend to hours together and the passenger is forced to wait in crowded airports for hours together. Sometimes passengers are made to stay at local hotels inside the Airport terminal. All this may result in a great loss to the passenger.

Conditions when you can’t claim compensation:

But there are exceptions when you cannot make flight delays and Cancellation compensation claim. Some of those reasons are as follows:

1) The extraordinary circumstances which force an airline to delay its flight include security issues, war, civil unrest, natural disasters and extreme weather conditions.

2) A medical emergency on board, air restrictions by air traffic control and airport staff strike are some other exceptions when you are not entitled to compensation in case of flight delay.

3) You will not be entitled to any compensation if the airline is able to prove that the reason of flight delay was any of the above listed extraordinary circumstances.


If you are unsure about why airline cancelled your flight, then double check through the latest CAA’s Delays and the info related to Cancellations and you can tell travel advice section of CAA to review your case. CAA will talk to the airline to verify whether you can make Compensation for flight delays or not. Its response can come in more than two months as there may be the backlog of cases.