I not-so-randomly thought the other day, “What would my life look like if I never wasted time?”

So I sat, and considered, and drank my tea, and considered and, to be quite honest, my life looked pretty awesome without wasted time. I will put here just a few of the things I could accomplish if I meted out my time carefully and didn’t slip into those negative habits that siphon energy away from the real goals. You may find it ironic that I’m saying this via a social networking outlet, but suffice to say that if I never used social networking (and I’ve tried) I would likely become a hermit, with the excuse of refusing to conform. It’s in my nature, folks.

Anyways! So here we are and here are a few things I could do if I never wasted time (the file is actually titled “If I Were Exceptional”…you can sign me up for self-punishment coaching later):

I would hang out with older mentors more,

Keep my room perfectly clean!

I would finish my book, play three instruments and write my music down

I would paint and draw, and volunteer

And no! That isn’t all.

I would exercise, encourage my friends and be the life of the ball!

No, it isn’t realistic nor comprehensive. And, yes…that was a song. I have to lighten the mood, or I would look at the list, weep and reach for the ice cream. Not to mention, commit myself.

To combat the natural feelings of failure that such a list produces, I decided to look up streamlined time management. Now, please note that I am already an organizational nerd, so finding stuff that helps me organize myself is like looking up how to lose weight for high-metabolism people. What’s the point?! But, against all odds, I found this amazing chart during my perusals of Forbes and Entrepeneur. It has now been my desktop background for several weeks and I refer to it when I feel lost in my work. I don’t agree with all of it (i.e. routinely ignoring the news) but it is a great guideline if you’re looking for quick and easy ways to maximize your time:


It has truly changed the way I look at my hours! I’ve written more of my book than ever before, learned to ignore things that don’t matter and have gained a lifted sense of accomplishment, without the added stress. Now, don’t apply this to relationships, as you’ll end up sad and alone, but your job and the business of living efficiently can easily use these pointers. Adding just one of these habits per day or, even, per week will create results. It did for me!

And there’s my most recent discovery in the exciting realm of time management! Next up, how to file your personal paperwork and do taxes.

I’m kidding. Sort of.